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My Plan To Update This Site Monthly Seems To Have Gone To Hell
7 January 2015

Sorry folks. To be fair, this has been a complicated and dramatic year in my personal life. (I'll explain later.)

I would like to express my gratitude to Ryan Good at Sea of Tranqulity and to Alan Weston at DPRP for writing kind, thoughtful reviews of A Few Minor Modifications, and to Allyssa Rawes for reading them too me over the phone since I was too nervous to look at them myself.

Thanks also to Carl King for stocking A Few Minor Modifications at his web store for US customers. (NB: If you order from Carl's store, your CD does not come with a free download.)

Big strange things are going to happen musically this year and I will discuss them in greater detail once I've figured out exactly what form they'll take and what the timeframes are. In the meantime, check this space for updates every...three months or so?


A Lot Of People Are Asking Me Questions This Month
23 October 2013

First I took some questions about A Few Minor Modifications from the fine and perceptive folks at Reddit/r/progmetal. Then I took a few more, from journalist-about-town and all-around cool lady Raina Hersh.

If you have any questions, please send them to and I will be happy to answer them in as much or as little detail as you like. Ask me about my creative process! Ask me why my backyard is so messy! Ask me to critique your Ratchet & Clank fan fiction! Ask me for directions to San Jose! Ask me anything you like.

Also, I would like to give a shoutout to Darrin from Northern Wish Radio for being kind enough to give A Few Minor Modifications some airplay this month.

I'm starting to like the idea of updating this site monthly. See you next month!


It's Finally Here!
24 September 2013

Hey! You got here just in time.

My new album with Marco Minnemann, A Few Minor Modifications, is available for sale right now at BandCamp. It started out as a 51-minute improvised drum solo performed by Marco (the now legendary 'Normalizer 2' solo) which I then layered all sorts of instrumental stuff on top of, with a little help of course: I take care of bass and synthesizer duties, Violin virtuoso Eugene Draw plays on four tracks, and guitarists Emilio Guim and Taylor Patterson play on five tracks each.

The music is difficult to categorize. It's a bit jazzy and a bit proggy and the synthesizers are usually out in front. It ended up sounding a lot 'poppier' than I was expecting. A few people (including Marco) have called it catchy.

The album is available as a CD and MP3. The tracks all flow seamlessly into each other and I can't guarantee that iTunes (or the program of your choice) will play the MP3s that way, so I strongly recommend the CD.

I won't be having a CD release party for this, but don't let that stop you from having your own. Pick a time that works for you, invite your favourite people over, make a pot of coffee or a pitcher of Piña Coladas (or is it Piñas Coladas?), and listen at your own pace.

Here's the front cover design, by Michelle Cordes:

Bye for now,

©2013 Aaron Ruimy, all rights reserved.